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Steel Buildings

Brookins Construction is a proudly partnered with Rigid Building Systems, offering a quality line of pre-engineered steel buildings.

Steel buildings have become a crucial factor in the building industry during the last century. They are inexpensive to construct and erect, and they have a low impact on the environment, often being fabricated from recycled materials. They are often recycled at the end of their use, reducing or eliminating the impact on landfills. This makes them more cost-effective as well. Some common steel buildings include:

  • Agricultural Buildings: Barns, Stables, Dairy Barns
  • Commercial Buildings: Strip Malls, Office Buildings, Retail Centers
  • Aviation Hangars: Fixed Base Operators, Hangar Homes, Airports
  • Institutional Buildings: Fire Stations, Municipal Buildings, Educational Institutions
  • Religious Facilities: Churches, Life Centers, Worship Facilities
  • …and many, many more.

Steel Buildings, Barns, Sheds, RaleighSteel construction is a very customizable building, allowing for specialized roofing, walls, insulation and more to create an ideal climate for the inside of your structure. Additionally, the lack of porous attributes in steel practically eliminate the risk of moisture damage that occurs with wood structures.

Your Steel Building project will be handled by our skilled team and project managers from start to finish and we ensure 100% client satisfaction.

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